Louisiana is universally regarded as the premier redfish destination on Earth. As temps grow cooler and days get shorter, big bull reds begin to move into the nearshore waters. The slot-sized redfish that we chase all year quickly become an afterthought when oversized bulls float to the surface. Fly fishing for redfish doesn’t get any more exciting than casting at these orange behemoths.

Less than two hours from New Orleans, our LA location is an easily accessible destination. Waterfront lodging is provided for up to two anglers, so there’s no need to worry with booking a room. December – February in Louisiana can be very cold, so prepare to dress appropriately on the water. Layer with thermals and windproof outerwear. Don’t forget the rain jacket.

Come fly fish for winter bull reds in Louisiana with Baron Boyette of 3B Fly Charters.

Louisiana Rates:
Full day only (includes waterfront lodging) – $800/day
*Two-day minimum required to book
**all rates are for 1-2 anglers

Rods: 8-10wt
Line: Redfish or Coldwater Redfish
Leader: 7-8ft, 20lb.
Flies: Clousers, Baitfish, Crabs in 1/0-3/0

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“Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley.” unknown