The Galveston bay system offers a wide variety of grass flats, sand and marsh, all of which provide a healthy, food abundant habitat for redfish and trout. Located less than an hour from Houston, Galveston is an easily accessible and highly productive fishery. Though the fishing can be good year round, the most productive months are March – November, and often into early December.

Galveston redfish tend to be less finicky and more likely to take flies than the well-educated fish along the middle and lower Texas coast. Expect averages of 20-26 inches, with fish occasionally creeping into the 27-30+ inch range. Please note that all trips are catch-and-release and fly fishing only.

Galveston Rates:

Full day (~8 hrs.) – $600
Half day (~4 hrs.) – $450

Rods: 7-8wt
Line: Saltwater, preferably redfish taper
Leader: 9ft, 16lb.
Flies: Shrimp, Crab in #4, Spoon in #2

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