What to bring:
Fishing License – Saltwater fishing license.
Rain jacket – Storms can pop up without much notice.
Sunscreen – Appropriate sun protection is a must.
Sunglasses – High quality polarized sunglasses are required to spot fish.
Non-marking shoes – Sandals or flip flops without black or colored soles
Lunch – Bring a sandwich and snack, as well as any desired beverages.

What will be provided:
Skiff – 2012 Maverick HPX Micro
Rods – Winston B III Plus
Reels – Hatch Finatic
Line – Scientific Angler
Leader – Trouthunter
Flies – Umpqua, MFC, Custom
Beverages – Water and ice.

Anglers will be provided with all appropriate fly fishing gear, including: rods, reels, line, leader and flies. If you would like to fish your own gear, 7 and 8 weight fly rods (9ft) equipped with saltwater lines are preferred. 9ft, 16 pound leaders are fine. Shrimp, crab and baitfish patterns in size 4.

Feel free to call Baron or email with any questions or inquiries.

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“The solution to any problem — work, love, money, whatever — is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be.”John Gierach